About Us

Company profile
     In addition to import and wholesale, our company strives to provide a complete service to the user through the company policy based on customer satisfaction.

Since 1991 ...

     Star Jewelery, based on the principle of mutual trust to develop good relationships with our customers and take the lead in the forefront of the competition as the basic principle has adopted.

Our values;
Justice - We are a family that acts with a sense of justice and justice in our work and relationships.

Morality - We have high moral standards. We do not tolerate immoral methods and practices in our activities.

Reputation - Keep our reputation before everything, we do not sacrifice any material benefit.

Respect - We recognize all kinds of differences as richness and reject all kinds of discrimination.

Solidarity - We support each other in good and bad days, we work shoulder to shoulder.

Human Focus - We believe that success is possible and meaningful with people. We always aim to improve and make people happy.


Our Business Principles;
Azim - Hardworking. Committed. We make a great effort to fulfill our promise.

Driver's license - We give you a job. Working with the right people is the key to success.

Courage - We trust ourselves. We can boldly say "we are" in everything we believe.

Consultation - We value different ideas and common mind. We prepare the ground for the free expression of thought.

Customer Satisfaction - We continuously strive to better understand the needs and expectations of our customers and aim to be happy to work with us.

Responsibility - We are sensitive to our environment. We feel responsible for glorifying ourselves, the company, the country and the values ​​of humanity.